2017 programme themes

Responsible nutrition.  From the reformulation and fortification of traditional products to the creation of wholly new functional foods; how can the food industry grasp every opportunity to enhance nutrition, while still producing products that please customer’s evolving palates and fly of retailers’ shelves?

The war on diabetes.  With some of the highest diabetes rates in the world Asia is urgently in search of non-medical solutions to treat the sickness and halt the epidemic in its tracks.  We explore the extent of the challenge and evaluate potential solutions from across the world of food and health.  Here’s some pre-event coverage and a sneak preview:   Singapore’s war on diabetes: Industry, academics and government ‘need to line up like hunters’ – watch the interview with Food Vision Asia speaker Christiani Jeya Henry >

Re-thinking health education.  Sources of information about nutrition and health are proliferating fast; from retailers to food corporations, bloggers to governments, everyone’s talking online, on social and in the media.  We ask, who’s best placed to give impactful advice, who do customers trust, and what’s the best way to ensure consistent, top-quality health education.

Promising product innovation.  Take a look with us at the leading edge of food innovation from across the region and around the world.  We evaluate alternative protein sources and consider how a move towards personalised nutrition, informed by latest developments in genetics and the microbiome, is sending food businesses back to the innovation drawing board.

Asia’s market potential.  Our comprehensive review of the regulatory climate and market opportunities across Asia provides insights for regional and international players alike.  In 2017 we turn the spotlight on China and Japan and ask, how great is their potential for today and the future, and how can that potential be profitably tapped?

Food Vision Asia