COSUCRA develops and produces natural food ingredients sourced from locally grown chicory and peas.
Pioneer in high added value nutritional ingredients from chicory and peas, Cosucra is active for more than twenty years in research and development of natural food ingredients derived from chicory and peas. Our products, Fibruline® (inulin extracted from chicory roots), Pisane® (a pea protein isolate) and Swelite® (pea fibre) are used by over 400 manufacturers and are included in over 1500 food products worldwide.  For all these ingredients we are not just a supplier.  We partner with our customers, providing market expertise, extensive clinical research, and experience in regulatory affairs to help them improve existing products and develop new ones.

In 1990, when no economic player was taking any interest in this natural food ingredient, Cosucra emerged as a pioneer in the extraction and marketing of pea protein.  Today Pisane® pea protein is recognized by the market as a high quality plant protein that can be used in a wide range of products. Our company is keen to strengthen its presence in the pea protein market and to provide its commercial and industrial partners with higher volumes. And above all, Cosucra Groupe Warcoing is a family company built on strong values which are the foundation of its success and reputation.

We believe that companies must take steps to manage their impact on the natural environment. That’s why, today, we combine highly effective production methods with environmental protection and our efforts to improve our environmental performance are a fundamental part of our mission.

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