Dr Femke Hannes

Nutritional Science Advocacy Manager, Asia Pacific, DSM Nutritional Products

Dr Femke Hannes is a scientist holding a doctoral degree in biomedical sciences focusing on Human health. Clinical research and diagnostics have been an area of focus for her for many years. Currently, Dr Hannes is nutrition, science and advocacy manager at DSM nutritional products for the Asia pacific region.  In her role, she is responsible for communicating scientific evidence of different health benefits and building a strong network of key influencers in the scientific, medical and clinical research communities.  Furthermore, through collaboration with different partners Dr Hannes seeks to drive innovation (clinical research) within DSM nutritional products focusing on Asia Pacific region. She has been invited to present at several symposiums all around the world and has coauthored a number of publications.

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Panel discussion: Prepare for battle.  Can Asia win the war on diabetes and obesity?

With a susceptibility driven by its population’s unique phenotype, the onslaught of obesity – and the metabolic diseases that arise from it – will hit Asia hard in the next decade.  How prepared are we? Is industry, government or the medical profession best placed to lead the fight back? And is this a war we can win?  Our panel of experts will survey the battlefield and consider whether reformulation, product development or education is the strongest weapon in our armoury.

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