Dr Iain Brownlee

Director of Operations, Newcastle University Singapore

Iain has been teaching and carrying out research for over 5 years in Singapore. His initial training was in physiology, which he has applied in his research to consider how food might affect health. Alongside measurement of dietary intake, his research portfolio includes work on gut health, dietary fibre, seaweeds and whole grains, and includes on-going international collaborations in the UK and Malaysia. His previous work has resulted in the production of two international patents and over 40 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He was appointed as Director of Operations for Newcastle University’s Food & Human Nutrition research degree programme in 2015.

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Habits of a lifetime?  Assessing the dietary habits of young Singaporeans

Childhood diet can directly affect lifelong disease trajectories or, at the very least, establish poor dietary habits that will compromise our health as we age.   A significant increase in non-communicable diseases – including type II diabetes – in the Asian population makes understanding and influencing the diets of children and young adults a priority.  Yet measuring dietary intake is a major challenge for public health agencies, academics and the food industry and a lack of data has constrained efforts to provide constructive dietary advice.  Iain’s presentation examines two recent studies among Singaporean children and young adults that estimate current dietary habit.

  • Why understanding is hard: The challenges involved in assessing the dietary habits of young Asians – and how they can be overcome
  • What we learned: The relationship between diet and health revealed in new research
  • What we can do: Opportunities for government and industry to improve the diets of young Asians
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