Dr Tim Finnigan

R&D Director, Quorn Foods, Monde Nissin

Tim has held innovation roles in companies including General Foods, Premier Foods, APV, RHM, Zeneca and with government.  At Quorn he has been instrumental in award-winning product and technology innovation programmes that have brought new products to 10 countries worldwide.  He is a visiting lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and sits on its advisory board in the centre for food innovation.  He has a PhD in Food and Biosciences from the UK’s University or Reading.

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Asia at the crossroads.  Will it choose a low meat future?

Global meat consumption is set to double between 2000 and 2050, driven in large part by a rising middle class in Asia.  The region stands at a cross roads. Will it repeat the mistakes of the meat dependent affluent west or have courage to develop a sustainable diet that prioritises high protein meat alternatives?  Tim considers the magnitude of this choice, its likely impact on the region’s health and GDP, and whether the food industry can take the lead in creating a better future.

  • The evidence – the unsustainable impacts of high meat dependency
  • The current picture – why Asia seems set on repeating the historical mistakes of advanced economies
  • The potential – how mycoprotein can capture consumer appetites and positively impact on human health
  • The responsibility – how the food industry can reinforce health and build sustainable businesses through meat-free innovation



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