Erin Boyd Kappelhof

Managing Partner, Eat Well Global

In a wide-ranging career Erin has worked with international food manufacturers, super market retailers, NGOs, communications agencies and research institutions. Today she is firmly placed at the dynamic intersection between the food industry, communications and public health; the perfect place to garner and exchange the international insights that help drive her clients’ influencer strategies. A registered dietitian and nutritionist she has masters degrees in nutrition communication and public health from Tufts University. She is an active member of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform and the American Overseas Dietetic Association, the international affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Spheres of influence.  Reaching multi-generational Asian consumers through influencers they trust

Meet the Asian family – and find out who they listen to when it comes to food choices and nutrition. Erin uses a representative Asian family, in which every member is drawn from a different age group and country, to show the complex network of influencers that food businesses must work with to build awareness and win approval for their products.  Using multiple regional case studies she’ll showcase best practice influencer relationships – and highlight the high price companies pay when they get it wrong.

  • Back to school. How industry and educators are working together in Indonesia
  • Beautiful story. Why beauty specialists are trusted on nutrition by Korea’s millennials
  • Challenging tradition. How credentialed influencers, including China’s traditional medicine specialists continue to hold sway
  • Family and friends. How the older generation’s dependence on family advice translates into modern day ‘peer respect’
  • Information, opinion and misinformation. Why consumers trust everyone less and how your business can become the exception




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