Iain Twine

CEO, South East Asia and Australasia, Edelman

Iain Twine oversees relationships with food and beverage clients across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa for one of the world’s biggest public relations businesses and leads a team of over 700 reputational specialists across the region. He has been based in Asia since 2012 and previously worked as a lobbyist in Australia, Europe and the UK

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A crisis of faith: What a worldwide collapse in consumer trust means for your business

In 2017 the world faces a crisis of trust as its citizens lose faith in key human institutions, from government to business and the media. Reputation specialist Iain Twine reveals the latest findings of the Edelman Trust Barometer, which has monitored consumer trust across 28 countries worldwide and nine in Asia Pacific since 2012. He’ll consider how all-time low levels of trust will impact the ability of businesses to trade, innovate and expand, and reveal what Asian consumers really think and feel about their food and beverage industry.

• An implosion of trust – why it’s happening now, has never happened before and what it means for your business
• For better or worse? How trust in Asia’s food industry is holding up – and why there’s no room for complacency
• Fragile and at risk – why trust is so easily broken, takes so long to repair and is both an asset and liability on your company’s balance sheet
• Trust and sustainability – how Asia’s food industry can take action to build consumer trust and protect long term business performance

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