Jacques Bindels

Scientific Director, Danone-Nutricia

Jacques’ passion for nutrition in early life finds clear direction in his role at the Danone-Nutricia R&D hub in Singapore, where he is responsible for nutritional research collaborations region-wide, with notable projects in countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. He has worked with Nutricia in Europe and Asia since 1988 and, from 2000 to 2005, held a professorship at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, examining nutrition in growth and development. He has been involved in several significant industry innovations, including HA and pre-term formulas and solutions for babies with digestive problems, and has extensive experience with new ingredients, including DHA, ARA, structured lipids and both pre and probiotics.

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Between the double burden and a pressure to perform. Challenging child and infant nutrition in Asia

The double burden of under and over nutrition puts up to 50% of children in several Asian countries at risk of developing serious non-communicable diseases in later life, setting up a future of ill-health and profound economic burden for societies and governments to bear. Added to that, aspirational parents who want the best for their children are putting the Asian food industry under a unique pressure to perform; to deliver products able to elevate everything from their child’s health to its cognitive performance. Jacques Bindels, an expert in child nutrition of over thirty years standing, examine these pressures and asks how a responsible industry should address them.

• Complex and deadly – latest findings about the health impacts of over and under nutrition in early life
• Aspiration and honesty – why Asia’s parents are susceptible to extravagant benefit claims, and why the industry must resist the temptation to make them
• Innovation and health – from reducing pollution-derived immune illnesses to boosting cognitive competence, the industry’s search for ‘silver bullets’
• Education and collaboration – why building trust with governments, NGO’s and consumers is the pre-requisite for sustainable food businesses in Asia

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