Nathan Preteseille

Bugsolutely and Agro-food Business Developer, AETS Consulting

Nathan is an innovator in insect product development and has an extensive knowledge of the edible insect market, both in South East Asia and in the west. For the past two years he has been based in Thailand working on a number of aspects of insect as food and feed, from regulation to research and marketing.  He is co-ordinator and co-founder of AFFIA and has been intrinsically involved in founding and building Bugsolutely, the company producing the unique Cricket Pasta and other foods containing insect flours. He has a background in biochemistry and a long history in insect food production.

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Insects in the mainstream:  Which bug products will make it to the supermarket shelf?

Edible insects are the basis of a fast growing industry, thanks to their rich nutritional properties and environmental sustainability.  Transformed into processed foods ready for the supermarket shelves – including energy bars, sauces, cookies and pasta – they are arousing interest and gaining acceptance around the globe.  Nathan investigates the opportunities and constraints facing this young food segment and the changes that will shape its future development.

  • From ‘fear factor’ products to mainstream daily food – the evolution of the insects as food and what it teaches us
  • Consumer acceptance – the big challenge facing the industry’s development, but is it the only trigger for market evolution?
  • Cricket pasta – Bridging the gap between innovation, consumer acceptance and sustainability
  • Building an industry – how the  ASEAN Food and Feed Insect Association (AFFIA) is bringing key players together
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