Yuval Ofek

Chairman, DayTwo

Yuval Ofek co-founded DayTwo in 2015 to bring personalised blood sugar control into the consumer mainstream. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded the healthcare technology company, dbMotion, which he successfully sold to America’s Allscripts in 2013 for $235 million, and currently holds 82 US and European patents. He has worked in technology for over twenty years holding senior roles within global businesses including NICE Systems, EMC Corporation and Intel. He has also served as the Chairman of EMIS International School in Israel, which attracts students from across the Middle East and beyond.

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Let’s get personal. Your microbiome, your blood sugar and you.

Ground breaking research by DayTwo scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute has proved a direct link between an individual’s microbiome and their blood sugar reactions to different foods. This may account for why some people find it harder than others to lose weight but, more importantly, could explain why people following an apparently ‘healthy’ diet still find their blood sugar levels hard to control. Based on this research DayTwo is using machine learning algorithms to predict individuals’ responses to different foods and to develop personalized diets that regulate blood sugar levels. Yuval’s presentation examines the link between the individual microbiome, obesity and metabolic disease, and the science that is unlocking personalised health solutions.

• You say tomato, I say… why people react differently to the same foods and why standard dietary advice may be well intentioned but wrong
• The microbiome and health – the impact of the microbiome on human health
• The ultimate algorithm – how technology can predict the diet that will allow every individual to stabilise their blood sugar
• A consumer revolution? How early adopters of personalised nutrition will challenge the food industry to ‘cater to the individual’

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